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Susan/Dr. Cocroach Drabbles

You all have no idea what a relief it is to know that not only a fandom for MvA exists but that there seems to be a pretty good following for Susan/Dr. Cockroach. So, I just thought I'd sharre a few drabbles that showed up before I could stop them, chatting on the fly with

emcee_mana .  Unbeta'd and NSFW, kiddies. Sexy tiems ahead.

Title: Sybian
Rating: NC-17
Summery: Cockroach invents a little something for Susan

Susan writhed and pitched, moaning at a volume to rival the buzz of the electric motor. Sweat dripped down her bare shoulders and she bent forward, bouncing slightly on the machine she was straddling. The Doctor watched, enthralled. His hands were riveted on the dials so hard his knuckles were white.

"Doc..." Susan moaned in along drawn out way and almost as a gut reaction, Dr. Coackroach twisted one of the dials hard. Susan screamed, orgasm waving through her for a third and final time.

The Doctor slowly shut the machine down as Susan shook and panted, settling into afterglow.

"Doc," She sighed "That was...amazing."

"You were beautiful." Dr. Cockroach replied, taking in her disheveled nature. The way white locks stuck to damp skin was enchanting. "I hope you enjoyed it, dearest."

Susan chuckled airily.

"I loved it. But really, why would you possibly want to build me this...thing?" Susan gingerly crawled off the saddle shaped machine and looked over at the doctor fondly. He leaned on the control panel awkwardly.

"Well...It's been a couple months since we reached our...agreement-" He stammered, picking at his fingernails.

"You can say it: 'Dating'. It's not a dirty word." Susan reached across and twirled her fingers through the doctor's antenna. He fought not to grin like an idiot.

"-And well...You know. Since we can't properly...I just. I want to make you happy, Susan."

The statement was oddly sobering.

"Doc, You do make me happy. And that-" she nodded at the machine "-that was really something! You've really outdone yourself!"

Dr. Cockroach beamed. Something smug glinted in his eye.

"I quite agree, my dear. Oh, If Monger only knew what he was funding."

Susan's eyes became as big as flying saucers.

"Monger let you build me that?!" She turned bright red. All over. The doctor smiled in a mischievous way.

"He thinks I'm building a weather controller." He told her in a tone of voice that sounded like the cat after picking the last of the canary's feathers from his teeth.

Susan couldn't help herself. She broke down, her laughs hard and breathless. A moment later Cockroach joined in, staggering over to Susan. He waved his hand as if telling her to stop before his sides split. Finally, wiping tears from their eyes, they fell into silence.

They smiled at each other and Susan leaned in place a gentle kiss on the top of the Doctor's head. She then began to slip on her clothes. The Doctor watched her in a quiet kind of worship.

"You know, I could probably make a few attachments for it." The Doctor spoke up. He waited a beat. "If you'd like."

Susan stopped and looked at him, a new blush blooming becomingly over her nose.

"I could get Monger on the line. Tell him if he wants thunder, he'll have loosen the purse strings. Call it...research and development."

Susan smiled and felt delightfully naughty despite herself.

"I love you, Doc."

"And I you, Susan. Truly. Hmm, I love that thrilling feeling when there is great work ahead." the Doctor rubbed his hands briskly with a look in his eye that Susan recognized as the trademark of a certified mad scientist. She didn't know whether to be excited or nervous.

Title: Snowball
Rating: NC-17
Summery: The doctor's experiment actually works

Susan was propped up on the dance bar bolted into the mirrored walls. She nearly swooned when she felt teeth nibble along her neck. She took fistfuls of Dr. Cockroach's black sleeves and wiggled under his ministrations. Susan locked her legs around the doctor's hips and his masculine hands slipped over them, petting her in an almost soothing way. Susan's shoulders smudged the mirror with each inward thrust.

She looked over the Doctor's shoulder, eyes traveling across his half lab, half dance studio of a room in a daze. Her eyes fell over Dr. Coackroach's disgaurded lab coat, her jump suit, large as a circus tent trailing from the hall into the open door way and the glass container frothing with gasous quantonium the doctor had only minutes before managed to sucsessfully extract from Susan, before Dr. Coackroach hit an amazing bundle of nerves inside her and her eyes rolled back into her head with a decadent moan.

She had just been so excited. The doctor's experiment had actually worked. No explosion needed. Susan wasn't really thinking when she kissed the doctor as a giddy sign of appreciation. Things had just snow balled from there.

Dr. Cockroach's antennea felt around curiously, brushing through her hair and over her cheeks. He hissed low, something half way between human and animal, then uped the tempo. Susan bit her lip, so close to completion, and watched the doctor and herself grinding and thrusting, in the reflection of the mirror on the opposite wall. A moment later, her heart dropped into her stomach like a rock.

"Bob!?" She gasped. Cockroach stopped all together and pulled his face from where it was hidden in Susan's neck. He looked utterly gobsmacked.

"Excuse me, Madam!? I'm giving you the greatest passion i've mustered in the last thirty years and you scream for-" his large gold eyes flicked into the mirror over Susan's shoulder "BOB!"

Bob was oozing about in the doorway, looking between Susan's jump suit and the pair pressed against the wall. They all remained still for a moment. Susan wished desperately she had closed the door. Bob tipped his head to the side. A look of relization dawned on the blob's viscous face.

"Hey. Susan. You're tiny." he said cheerfully. "And naked. Good for you."

And with that he oozed on, down the hall as if nothing had happened. Susan and the doctor imeadiately seperated, the moment lost.  They did not look at each other as they stood about a foot apart.  A moment later, the Doctor retived his lab coat and draped it over Susan's bare shoulders. She finally looked up into his face. His lip twitched up very slightly. A smile gently touched her own lips.

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